This is a short report form that should not take long to complete, however if you have any questions or difficulties please contact the Jack Petchey Foundation on 020 8252 8000.

Please remember that your report must be submitted no later than 30th June as we will not be able to authorise further payments until this has been received and approved.

All information submitted within this grant report will be kept on file indefinitely, unless you request otherwise. If any information that you provide to us is to be treated as confidential please ensure that this is clearly identified.

(In order to participate in the Jack Petchey Achievement Award scheme, you will be required to provide us with very brief information about the young people who are being nominated to win an Award. This will include their name, age, participating school or club, the reason why they have won the award (we call this their ‘citation’) and how they have chosen to spend the grant. We will keep these details on our records and will use them to ensure that the scheme is administered appropriately and that award winners meet our eligibility criteria.

We will use the young person’s citation when the award winners are presented with their medallion at our Achievement Award events. Citations are read out at our events to recognise publically the achievements of the award winner. Award winners also have their name and school printed in our celebratory programme and displayed on the screen. Their photo is taken both individually and with others from their school/local clubs by our professional photographer. These photos are uploaded to an on-line gallery and can be downloaded following registration via our website. Coordinators will be given an opportunity to inform us in advance of the event of any young person for whom there is no consent or permission for photos to be taken and/or uploaded.

We will not contact award winners directly unless they proactively sign up themselves via our website to receive information from us. We will ask some award winners if they are happy to feature as case studies in our promotional material. We will always obtain specific and explicit consent for this from the young person and, if they are under 16, from their parent/carer).

Please note: * represents a required field.

Please enter your unique applicant numberhelpThis is the unique number of your organisation. You should have been sent it in the email to advise you that reports were now due. If you did not receive this email, or have misplaced the number please call us on 020 8252 8000. and the borough / district in which you operate helpThis must be the borough / district where you are based and the majority of your activity takes place. Please note that if your organisation is Essex / London wide then you must select that option from the list.

Please note that for security purposes this information must match our records. If this is not the case you will be unable to proceed with your report form and will need to call us on 020 8252 8000. Please remember that if you do not submit a report to us we will not be able to authorise any future payments.

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